It’s a Philly Thing

It’s a Philly thing…you wouldn’t understand.

The sound and feel of Boston2Philly:

Rome’s journey in Boston2Philly takes place against a backdrop of many soulful Musical artists, spoken word poets and prevalent public figures in the Philadelphia scene – that weave the story together.

What is so unique about the film is that the story manages to include themes of Poetry, Jazz, Hip Hop and Soul that are truly the backbone of Philadelphia culture. In a way, this film is a true to life depiction of what it’s like to be a young adult in Philadelphia – experiencing all these things that make the city of Brotherly Love so amazing.

Given the film’s limited budget, getting these sites and artists used in the film was no easy task!

Luckily, after seeing the sequences in which their songs were used, and how the establishment really helped give depth to a specific scene, the artists/businesses saw it as a chance to speak to a new generation.

This film is poignant and cinematic, it has a funky beat, with pretty shoes and one bad ass rhythm
-Ralph A. Celestin




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