Producer’s Statement

Laughter is my therapy; it is my piece of serenity among the chaos that occurs at different points in life. I am a writer, an explorer and above all else an artist. My canvas is a blank sheet of paper, my brush is a ball point pen and my inspiration to create work comes from my ability to breathe in the wonders of life and appreciate all the unique scents.

-Ralph A. Celestin

A few months ago, I made a resolution to chase my dreams and leave behind anything preventing me form reaching my goals. This simple decision opened the floodgates. I suddenly became aware of how much I truly didn’t enjoy my current job, how much I was sick and tired of my current apartment, how much I really felt stagnant and just fed up of going to the same bars or nightclubs in Boston every weekend. Fast forward a few weeks, I soon found myself with a one way
ticket to Philadelphia with a new job offer, a new apartment waiting for me
and a new city I’ve yet to explore.

Philadelphia has a horrible reputation outside of those who live in it, a sad
but kind of true statement. Due to certain films, musicians, books, etc., that
depicts Philly as a drug war ridden, mindless crime having and overall
ugly/gritty place. New films like Brotherly Love shot in Philly don’t help
change this horrible view either! I came to realize that Philadelphia is an
amazing city, and that when you start to
unravel/tear away all the
stupid stereotypes and culture
raping themes that theseA portrait of Rome 'Boston' Williams unoriginal films use to pollute the minds of our
youth and tarnish the image
of this great city, you find
unbelievable architecture, a
vibrant music scene and real
history the whole world is
attached to.
The story in my film really
grows from this initial idea,
to depict the Philly people
don’t know about but is right
there in front of them if they
just wipe the crap from their

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