The Philly Shoota’

Philadelphia is one of the most unique cities in the United State due to the diversity of the borrows and ever changing landscapes each area encompasses from one another. From the decaying architecture found off the beaten path in North Philadelphia, to the run down and vacant factories and mills found in Kesington. These areas are rich in beauty and for those who posses the artistic vision and desire to capture the essence of these areas, it’s used as the perfect haven for inspiration and enlightenment.

Jamil Farrar Jr. has had a passion for photography and recording moving images from a very young stage of adolescence. Growing up in Philadelphia he often found himself traversing Philadelphia’s most abandoned and forgotten paths in order to hone his skills with a camera he purchased with his hard earned money. Jamil’s passion for photography has always taken a backseat to the necessities of a modern working young professional bogged down working long hours with never enough pay.

Boston2Philly was in need of a Production Assistant and Jamil was in need of a project that he could dedicate his time when his hectic schedule would allow.  Within a very short period of time, Jamil Farrar excelled at his position and showcased so much skill behind the lens that he soon found himself the Fist Camera Operator on a 90 min juggernaut of a project that was Boston2Philly.

The rest was history….

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