Ant & G

Affluenza, an inability to understand the consequences of one’s actions because of financial privilege…

-Shayne Witherspoon as Ant

Ant & G

Shayne Witherspoon plays the role of “Ant,” the young and brash childhood friend of “G” played by John Jamison. Together they represent 2 brothers in the struggle, trying to make it out of the dangerous and harsh inner city areas of Philadelphia. They have the same intentions, they want to get out of a negative situation, and they are aligned in that cause however is very different in their approach. Ant more radical – G more peaceful.

Ant chooses, or perhaps more accurately is driven by vitriol, anger, the energy of being fed up…the urgency & frustration manifests itself in violent action…by any means necessary isn’t a choice as much as it is the denouement of powerlessness & seeing no other option… the energy of radicals & revolution.

The twos relationship takes a turn for the worst when G chooses to pursue education by attending a very expensive and prestigious University, thus leaving Ant feeling abandoned and annoyed that G chooses to attend a “White School.”
Unable to acquire Financial Aid, Ant sees no reasonable route to acquire the funds for G to accomplish his goal of attending College. Thus, the two rob an affluent home in the posh Rittenhouse Sq neighborhood blaming their actions on “Reverse Affluenza.”

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