Coach George & Yollette

The whole world watched you shatter a kid’s life on center stage…

-Tai Birch as Coach George
Rome and Coach George

Tai Birch plays the role of Coach George in Boston2Philly. Coach is Rome’s only lasting tie to Boston after the tragic death of his parents. Coach has groomed Rome from a very young age to be the best player and person he can be. Through hard work, learning the art and love of the game, Coach George grew a strong relationship with his player and because of this feels obligated to help any way he can with this very stressful and tragic situation.  The twos relationship has a horrible falling out when a Suicidal Rome violently lashes out at his long time mentor and leaves to the new city of Philadelphia, vowing to never play basketball again.

Natalia Jablokov played the role of Yolette, a single and successful Lawyer that overnight becomes the sole guardian of High-School Senior Rome Williams (Ralph Celestin) after his parents are lost in a tragic accident.  In the Coming of Age Drama, Yolette struggles with her new role as “Mother” and though she tries admirably, continuously fails to form a genuine connection with her godson who shows early stages of depression.

In debted to Rome’s biological mother for a promise she made years ago to be Rome’s Godmother. She never gives up hope in the High School Prodigy and at times isn’t afraid for a little tough love.

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