Ralph and Mia

Boston2Philly really gets Philadelphia right and also manages to touch on the more complex social issues in a unique and tasteful way that other films haven’t, such as depression at a young age, insight and reflection from the perspective of the urban youth, growth and the turmoil that comes with the transition from youth to adulthood, Feminist ideals and the act of self-mutilation known as “cutting.” Though Boston2Philly at its most basic element is a Love Story between our 2
protagonists Rome and Philly (Ralph C.,Mia M.), the film makes sure to shed light on the issues that most young adults in someway or the other have been exposed to by having a character represent a different topic.

Major Themes:

  • Love:
    • Boston2Philly depicts an extremely entertaining and original love story between our two leads Rome (nicknamed Boston) and Carolina (nicknamed Philly). Philly captures the energy and spirit of a young woman who has grown up in Philadelphia her entire life and though at first she plays hard to get the chemistry between the two cultures of Boston and Philly is electrifying and can’t be denied. Rome is able to overcome his troubles and personal issues by fully accepting
      the fact that he is in love, proving once again that love conquers all.
  • Depression from loss of a loved one:
    • Each year, over two million people die in the U.S., leaving behind scores of others who will mourn their departure. Bereavement, the deep grief following the death of a loved one, is a normal response to loss. For some people, however, the natural feelings of grief such as guilt, insomnia, numbness, and crying may result in more serious conditions including complicated grief and major depressive disorder.
  • Poverty and Life in the Black Community:
    • “Government data will show that 42% of African Americans are not married. Data will also show that 62% of all black households are single parent homes. Recent data will show that one out of nine young Black men between the ages of 18 and 34 are incarcerated. Yet, the data will not show you the hurt, the lost, the pain, or the feeling of hopelessness that can often resonate within the lives of those people that account for those statistics. Or, the generational bondage that continues to be passed on from one to the next. Research and statistics will not show you the heart of a people that,or their dreams that live in poverty day after day; year after year.”
      -Mcdonald, Ruthe “Poverty and Life in The Black Community ,”, (2014).

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